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Dutch Master

My love of design has taken me on many journeys and this is my first that I would like to share. Let me introduce to you a designer who I have loved for many years but did not know the extent of his talent until I recently visited the Stedelijk museum exhibition this past May 2014 titled “pinned up Marcel Wanders ”. Being a modernist at heart I had my eyes opened to Marcel’s philosophy of New Antiques. Why does an interior have to pretend the past never existed? Wanders approach to this “ New Antique ” palette is to take forms and themes of the past and re-evaluates them for contemporary living. New Antiques does not attempt to recreate historic interiors. Rather, it takes what Wanders calls “ the opulence of form ” which resides in certain familiar items from the past, and exaggerates it’s formal characteristics so that it becomes new.

This is only one side of this design master who thanks to a sizable dose of space technology borrowed from the Technical University Delft, he breathed new life into old fashioned macrame techniques. His famous Knotted chair designed for the Droog gallery in 1996 is made of rope that has been reinforced with epoxy resin has become a classic. On a recent visit to Amsterdam I had to check out his design store called “ Mooi ” translation in english nice, beautiful, pretty, fine. I felt like a kid in a candy store! So visually stimulating and always fun as Wanders is known for his sense of humor in his work. I spoke to one of the designers on staff and she confirmed that working for Wanders was never dull. While wandering the streets of Amsterdam you will find lighting and furniture designs by Wanders in cafe’s, hotels and shops.

I had a hard time to choose a few images to share as I think I took several hundred! Here are a few snaps of Marcel Wanders through my eyes for you to experience the wonder of Wanders Dutch Master.

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